550 - 2950 Douglas Street
Victoria, BCV8T 4N4   

I am located at 550-2950 Douglas Street, which is a couple of blocks south of Mayfair Mall, directly across from the now-closed Canadian Tire location. I am in the upper level of the complex, above Lifestyles Market. If you come around the block at Burnside, there is extra parking available. Alternatively, there are bus stops nearby, going in both directions on Douglas Street - as well as places to lock a bike. The entrance has a big '550' on the door.



Email:      (email me directly of feel free to use the contact form on the right)

Telephone: 778 300 8485

Note** I make every effort to return calls and emails within 48 hours. Due to my appointment schedule, I am often not able to accept incoming calls. If you leave a voice message, please specificity if their are any confidentiality concerns with respect to leaving voice mail when returning your call.

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